About Me

G’day mate!

As an IT professional we all know how how much passionate we are about trying out new technologies and eager to learn new stuff. Like all IT pros, I have a deep, abiding passion for technology. Simply put, I’m a technology person. I fell in love with it as early as a young kid when I got my first 386 computer. Since then, it’s all I’ve wanted to do. And when i graduated from university (yes…in Computers obviously) and got my first IT certification (MCSE in Windows NT 4.0) in 1998, that moment just changed my life. My passion for networks, network operating systems, and specially my personal favorite MS Exchange server, was just getting stronger and stronger. And then in early 2000’s VMware early virtualization products just blew my mind away. It was really an exciting stuff for me…Since then it is an endless journey so far… I have a very diverse set of experience, from Systems engineer to IT Consultant, from technology trainer to IT systems and network implementer, from systems \ network administration to operations management. Does not matter what i did or what i do is still related to IT world and this is what i love to do….The purpose of creating this website is to share my passion with fellow professionals and share my experiences and knowledge whenever i can…as it said above that it will be just my two cents of contribution in to the huge treasure of IT world!… so cheers mate!

I Currently live in Sydney, Australia with my family. Worked here with some of the well known service providers \ solution integrators and currently working in a Senior Infrastructure Engineer role with one of the well known Cloud Solution Provider. Creating and maintaining this website would have never been possible without  my family’s understanding and support. I am a family person and love to spend time with my family. Apart from that in my spare time i love to follow Cricket, I am a big WWE fan… (yeah right!) ,love to listen to music as well as compose \ song writing (sometimes) and also love to watch Hollywood flicks…

So this is it about me… i hope you will find this website (vlog) useful somehow as i will be posting several IT videos (how-to) based on different technologies. Do not forget to subscribe my YouTube channel for updates…


Faisal Saifie